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Virtualbox virtual machine clock and host sleep

If the Virtualbox guest clock lags behind the host’s clock (for example, after a host suspend/resume cycle), you can use the following command to lower the threshold for a forced time synchronization to 5 seconds: VBoxManage guestproperty set VM_NAME “/VirtualBox/GuestAdd/VBoxService/–timesync-set-threshold” 5000 Change “VM_NAME” to your VM’s name

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Virtualbox and raw devices

Warning: Usage of raw devices is for experts only. Incorrect use can lead to severe data corruption or even complete loss of data. Please read the corresponding chapter in the virtualbox manual as well. Virtualbox supports raw devices as disks for virtual machines. I would like to

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Parallel Batch Processing

When compressing multiple files, I once again was disappointed that gzip/bzip2/lzop/… are not able to use multiple cores to speed up the compression process. Furtunately, there is a small program which, at least, allows to spawn multiple processes (default is number of CPU cores) to process multiple

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