Actian® Corp.

“Whether we are testing new database features or trying to reproduce problems that are only seen in customer environments with their data, there is a dire need for generating huge amount of realistic data. bankmark’s “Parallel Data Generation Framework” (PDGF) enabled Actian to quickly generate 10s of gigabytes of data that simulates customers’ database contents, without the need for the customers to share their sensitive data. Some of the strengths of PDGF, compared to other data generators we evaluated, are its ability to model correlations and functional dependencies among the columns within and across the tables, ability to model different data distributions, and the speed of data generation.

What we appreciate most about working with the bankmark team are the level of support, the quality of their work, their flexibility in addressing some of our unique requirements, and the clear line of communication.”

Seetha Lakshmi, Director of Performance Engineering, Actian.



SequoiaDB Ltd.

bankmark supports the Chinese database manufacturer SequoiaDB Ltd. by comparing the performance of its NoSQL database SequoiaDB with competitors’ NoSQL databases.



Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC)

The US-based Transaction Processing Performance Council uses bankmark’s generic data generator Parallel Data Generation Framework (PDGF) as basis of the new TPC benchmark for data integration (TPC-DI). The TPC-DI benchmark is an ETL benchmark simulating a data warehouse scenario.