On this page, we collect frequently asked questions on PDGF usage. If your question is not listed, please contact us.


Starting PDGF

Accepting the license

At the first start PDGF, you have to accept the license terms:

By using this software you must first agree to our terms of use. press [ENTER] to show them"
To accept the license please type (uppercase!): YES and press [ENTER]

PDGF will only work if you type YES (all uppercase) and press [enter] in the console.

Alternatively, you can accept the license terms by adding the following line to Constants.properties file in PDGF’s main folder:


This is especially useful for distributed setups, when PDGF needs to be run on many servers in parallel. Note that adding this line to the properties file means that you accept the license terms and PDGF will not ask for acceptance again.

Could not verify your license status

Problem: PDGF cannot verify license status (error message):

ERROR: could not verify your license status. Failed to retrieve local time.

Solution: Please check your internet connectivity. If you are using a proxy, try starting PDGF with your default proxy settings:

java -Dhttp.proxyHost=$PROXY_HOST -Dhttp.proxyPort=$PROXY_PORT –jar pdgf.jar -l demo-schema.xml -l default-csv-generation.xml -c -ns -sf 1 -s